3 November 2011

My New York times

My camera is working! Here are a few photos from my time New York.

The view from the helicopter

The American flag

Central Park

Central Park Zoo

Times Square

Statue of Liberty

The City in the daytime...

...and the City at night!

Giant Angry Birds!

A rather pretty fountain

On top of the world!

Okay that's enough pictures. I really loved New York and hope I can go back one day!
Now I'm off to watch Bananas in Pajamas with my sister. Laters.


1 November 2011

New York, New York!

You might have noticed that I haven't posted in a while and that's because I've spent the last week in New York City! It was a last minute surprise but I ended up travelling there with my mother, aunt and cousin. It was so much fun and because I've never been before it was a brand new experience!

We went to Times Square.

We saw the Statue of Liberty.

We went to Tiffany's (but didn't buy anything).

We rode in a yellow taxi through the city.

We stayed at the Plaza Hotel! My aunt paid for all of us. I love her.

We went to Dylan's Candy Bar. It was a dream come true.

We watched Footloose at the theatre.

We ate Ben & Jerry's Cake Batter ice cream for the first time.

Those are just a few of the highlights from my trip. If my camera ever decides to work I'll upload some photos. It was a pretty fantastical trip. New York really is as amazing as they say it is!


P.S. Hope you all had an awesome Halloween!