25 October 2011

How to relax when you're stressed

Following on from my last how-to post, I've decided to write about the things I do when I'm feeling stressy. Let's face it, everyone gets stressed. So here are some of my ideas.

How to relax when you're feeling stressed

Change into something comfortable. For me, comfortable is all about snuggable pyjamas and cosy slippers. Make sure you're warm and comfy before beginning your stress-free regime.

Make yourself a warm drink. Hot chocolate or chamomile tea usually does the trick. Or treat yourself at your local coffee shop if you don't feel like doing it yourself.

Play some of your favourite music. Loud, raging rock music probably won't help. Go for something soothing, like classical or jazz. (Unless rock music actually helps you feel calmer.)

Talk to someone. A loved one, a pet or yourself. Talking things through can be very therapeutic. Go somewhere you love with your family or friends and just let loose. Have fun.

Treat yourself to a long soak in the tub. Bubble baths have been proven to be very calming. Especially if you add essential oils and scented candles to create a peaceful ambience.

If you have something you need to do, get it out of the way. Don't leave any chores or homework to the last minute. Getting it over and done with means you get to look forward to more "me time" for later! Write a to-do list if you have trouble keeping up with everything.

Do something you love to take your mind off the stress. Write a poem, take photos of nature, go shopping with your friends, eat ice cream, read your favourite blogs, watch a movie you haven't seen in ages. If something makes you happy, then it's something worth doing.

It may sound odd but painting your nails a different colour or experimenting with a new hairstyle can help you relax. It's reassuring knowing that change isn't always a bad thing!

Make your day as amazing as you possibly can!


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